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Homepage Services Genealogist can find your lost ancestors
Genealogist can find your lost ancestors

Genealogist can find your lost ancestors

published at: 04.06.2019

Przez: Migrant Center of the Research

Location: Cracow, małopolskie

Active: 11 dni

Price: $20

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Would you like to have your person in Poland who will verify the information you already have about your ancestors? Someone who won't stop before finding your ancestors' vital records (if they survived to these days).

Genealogy is not just data from vital records. There are stories about life, love and culture. There are old photos which create a picture of a person, a real person, with all of his or her emotions, bad and good memories, and sometimes secrets.

Who knows how far we can go back? How many ancestors wait for discovery?

Genealogists from Migrant Center of the Research ( are ready to act as a detective, psychologist and a friend who listens carefully and patiently to every word you want to tell us.

We keep the information private and operate in your best interest.

When it's needed we do not hesitate to cross the length and breadth of Poland. Every journey enriches.
We believe in the impossible. Nothing scares us - quite the opposite - we face the challenges. The best value in this work is the joy of our clients.

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