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published at: 08.09.2019

Przez: Yogawrap

Location: Колорадо

Active: 17 dni

Laura Guccione
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What is Yogawrap?

1. Yoga Wrap Spine Support (Back Support) assures your spine is aligned, regardless of how long you have to sit, stand or drive.
2. Ignites your core muscles naturally for a stronger back.
3. Instills a muscle memory that trains your body to maintain proper posture - after you get up!
Our Benefits:
Helps to eliminate neck, upper back, low back and sciatic pain;
Strengthens and trains core and back muscles to maintain a heightened posture - stop shrinking and osteoporosis;
Allows for full breaths - assist with asthma and sleep apnea;
Keeps your heart open - helps diminish depression.

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