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Strona główna Wydarzenia Zawirowania Dance Theatre Performs with Dance Entropy
Zawirowania Dance Theatre Performs with Dance Entropy

Zawirowania Dance Theatre Performs with Dance Entropy

opublikowany: 04.11.2019

Przez: Dance Entropy

Lokalizacja: 37-24 24th Street, Suites 211-212, Long Island City, New York, 11101

Aktywny jeszcze: 16 dni

Cena: $20.00

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EVERYTHING A dance performance installation evoking the ever-expanding universe, transforming the performance space into a constellation of stars and human bodies in various states of formation and explosion. Inspired by astrophotography, string theory, interconnectivity and meditations on space and time. The new dance work weaves together a visual, physical and emotional translation of the cosmos. A cultural exchange and collaboration in progress between Valerie Green/Dance Entropy and Zawirowania Dance Theatre spanning NYC/Warsaw in 2019.

Real Love is the mystery of birth, passing and death performed by three women of all ages. What means true love for them? Maybe it is the feeling which mother has for her child. How does a woman feel being a mother? What does she feel when someone close to her dies? Love and death are two threads that constantly appear in the performance of "Real Love" and affect each other at all times. Being a mother and being close to death. "Real Love" is a form of a choreographic poem filled with poetic symbols and meanings from the borderline of metaphysics... Choreography by Daniel Abreu and featuring dancers Ilona Gumowska, Elwira Piorun, Izabela Prokopek

Zawirowania Dance Theatre was founded in 2005. The group consists of dancers with various technical backgrounds, from classical dance, through contemporary and jazz dance, to pantomime. The combination of various backgrounds results in an interesting stage effect, widening the group's creative potential. Włodzimierz Kaczkowski, director, often responsible for narration in the performances, collaborates with Zawirowania. The group's main principle is to use contemporary dance techniques to create narrative performances. They call for a story in dance.

ID ogłoszenia: 022206

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